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Dennis Ewing, Chief Value Officer of Whipple Service Champions joined Nicea DeGearing on ABC4 today to discuss what services they offer.

Whipple Service Champions provides a full range of home services including Heating and Air Conditioning, Plumbing, Electrical, Drain Cleaning, and Sewer, including underground work.

Whipple Service Champions has been a local, family-owned business since 1947, with safe, clean-cut, drug-tested, background-checked technicians who won’t leave a mess. They take pride in our work and the communities that they serve. Whipple Service Champions is also a 9x Best of State winner.

A few details about the technicians that work for Whipple Service Champions:

  • Whipple Service Champions are the best technicians in the Wasatch Front. They’re industry experts who undergo 100+ hours of training each year, and they’ve all been screened with our strict hiring practices, background checks, and drug testing.
  • All of Whipple Service Champions technicians are specialized. The HVAC techs only fix HVAC equipment. The HVAC Install teams only do installations, they don’t do tune-ups or repairs. The plumbers only do plumbing, they don’t cross over into HVAC, sewer, or electrical. You won’t see the electricians doing plumbing.
  • Whipple Service Champions also understand that the one size fits all approach really doesn’t work in today’s world for most families, so we make sure that we give clients options, on how they would like to be taken care of. Very seldom there is only one way to do a job. They believe in transparency and make sure pricing is upfront before they start any work.

Whipple Service Champions has always had a culture of cleanliness and safety, so we were ready for the pandemic. Our number one goal is to keep our team members and clients safe.

Whipple Service Champions technicians are using several measures to be safe:

  • No contact service calls. Estimates, payments, and communication all done by email/text.
  • Technicians use one-time-use disposable shoe covers and gloves and are sanitizing vehicles and equipment daily.
  • When a technician is dispatched, they are coming from home and not from a group meeting.
  • iPads are sanitized after every service.
  • Training and meetings are done remotely.
  • If clients have been exposed or feel sick, we’re rescheduling appointments for safety.
  • Technicians, as well as our office staff, have been briefed on safety practices within our customers’ homes and on CDC’s recommendations for how we interact with one another.

Whipple Service Champions clients can make sure their air conditioner is running properly this summer by doing these things:

  • The most important form of routine maintenance for standard air conditioners is the system’s filter. A dirty or clogged up filter can quickly eat up your system’s efficiency. Efficiency will be lowered by the filter allowing dirt and grime into the evaporator. When the evaporator gets clogged, it significantly lessens the cooling ability in the system.
  • Cleaning or replacing your system’s filter can reduce energy use by almost 20%. Filters come in all shapes, sizes, brands, and qualities and need to be cleaned or replaced regularly.
  • There are a few side pieces of maintenance that, while not required, can still be beneficial. Take a moment to do a quick inspection of the fins on the side. This will tell you if any are bent or damaged fins which can be a nasty cause of airflow blockage. Thankfully they can be easily reshaped with a common tool. Most home maintenance stores and retailers will have a tool specifically for this, known as a “fin comb”.

Whipple Service Champions has the below deals available right now:

  • Free Second Opinion
  • $150 Off of repair of $350 or more
  • $299 Gerber Viper Elongated Toilet – includes installation and removal of your old toilet
  • $44 Water Heater Flush, $88 Tankless Water Heater Flush
  • $66 Drain Cleaning & Camera Inspection
  • $100 Off Whole Home Surge Protector
  • Buy 2 USB Wall Outlet Chargers Get ONE Free

Call Whipple Service Champions for all your heating, air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing needs at 801-444-FAST (3278) or visit their website!

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