Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth day

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Michelle Holiman with Living Planet Aquarium joined ABC4 via Zoom today to talk about Earth Day. This Earth Day is actually the 50th Anniversary! Earth Day in 1970 gave a voice to an emerging public consciousness about the state of our planet and the need to take care of it.

While we are all at home right now, there are still several ways we can celebrate Earth Day.

First, we can plant bee-friendly plants in our gardens. Utah beekeepers are having to continually build new colonies because off mysterious die-offs of populations called colony collapse disorder. Bees are critical to our food supply – Utah has about 900 species of bees that contribute to crop pollination on farms.

Second, we can all make changes to our daily behaviors that will help animals around the world. Did you know by eating less meat, for example some people have “Meatless Monday,” we can help animals in the rainforest? Parts of Rainforests are being destroyed to make way for agricultural land.

Living Planet Aquarium has a video that will be premiered today at 3:00 pm highlighting other ways we can help and we also have a web page where you can find activities for your kids to do like coloring pages and mazes. We also have FREE educational resources for parents and caregivers on our website.

Living Planet Aquarium is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, but we are putting out new videos every day on our social media channels. Make sure you check them out.

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