Tips to prep your body for ski season

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Ski passes are on sale and it’s time to start getting our bodies ready. Hopefully you’ve been able to stay active. However, the effects of the Coronavirus may have made that difficult. How do we now prepare physically to prevent knee injuries this ski season?

Three things to start doing right now to make sure you don’t have a knee injury:

  1. Cardio. At higher altitude your body needs more oxygen. If you are tired, you increase the chances of getting hurt.
  2. Squats. Not just leaning against the wall. Jumping squats. Mimic action of skiing.
  3. One legged hops. Strengthen muscles around the knee.

What other things do families need to keep in mind while preparing for ski season?

Make sure to get good equipment

  • Avoid skis that are too big for you. Large skis can increase injury.
  • Bindings that are going to release.

Pick a resort with a nice beginner area

  • People are skiing faster. You don’t want runs to converge together at the end.
  • Harnesses for kids.

Be aware of snow coverage

  • Early in the season those rocks aren’t as covered as they were last year.

Don’t ski after you eat or when you’re tired

  • Most injuries happen after lunch and at the end of the day.

If you do hurt your knee, what are the signs you need to come in to an orthopedic surgeon?

  • A large amount of fluid around your knee. You aren’t able to see the knee cap or it looks different from the other.
  • Instability of the knee. If you are walking around after and your knee is buckling, sloppy or going in the wrong direction.

A lot of people have nagging knee pain after skiing and doesn’t always need to be evaluated

  • Could be from the lift of activity you haven’t done for awhile
  • Try some biking, ice and see if it resolves.
  • If unstable and still hurting after a week get in touch with an orthopedic clinic.

Where to learn more about MountainStar Healthcare Lone Peak clinic?

You can visit which is located in the Lone Peak Hospital in Draper. The clinic is close to the slopes with same day or next day appointments available.

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