The three main building blocks for retirement

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Today on ABC4 Midday, Nicea is joined by Brian Decker, Owner, and founder of Decker Retirement Planning. Brian wants to talk about saving for retirement and provide viewers with some easy steps to get started.

Brian tells us that sometimes the hardest part is saving for retirement. Everyone talks about doing it but it’s easier said than done.

Decker Retirement Planning has found that a well-balanced retirement plan should have three core building blocks. The first is having a retirement income plan. A retirement income plan is not just the statements you receive but is a year-by-year timeline that show’s where your retirement income will come from.

The second piece to have in your retirement plan is an investment strategy or tying some part of your assets to the stock market. You have to be careful here because of how much you risk you take on should ideally decrease as you grow older because you have less time to recoup any potential losses.

The third building block for a retirement plan is really important – Health care. You need a health care plan that addresses the possibility of long term care in retirement. It’s no secret that American’s are living longer and that is good news. The bad news is medical costs are constantly rising, as well. Make sure you have planned how to pay for any potential care you may need in retirement.

For more information about retirement planning, visit Decker Retirement Planning’s website or give them a call at (833) 717-3030.

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