Taking care of your gut over the Holidays

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Dr. Alan Erdmann, Gastroenterologist at Mountain View Hospital joined Nicea on ABC4 Utah today to talk about ways we can take care of our gut health this holiday season.

Thanksgiving and Holidays are associated with eating too much at once. We all love to eat and feasting is not a problem every not and then. However, sometimes overeating leads to problems with swallowing, or with food getting stuck called dysphagia and it can be a serious problem that you want to get checked out immediately.

Also associated with overeating and holiday meals is heartburn or reflux. Whenever people eat more food at once there’s a greater opportunity for heartburn. It’s important to remember If eating a large Thanksgiving dinner, don’t eat right before bed. Those with reflux or GERD, as we call it, have a greater chance of increasing their symptoms.

If you or a friend or family member has GERD you’ll want to remember the below tips:

  • Eat less food that triggers their condition and less food in general
  • Meds are available OTC. However, if those fail to help or give them side-effects, such as diarrhea, then they should find a good gastroenterologist.
  • If medications don’t cut it, then surgery that is safe and effective is another solution in our toolbox.

A few other tips to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal and other holiday meals:

  • Take your time as you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal – chew it well.
  • Try not to overdo it. Remember that you can always eat leftovers!
  • If experiencing GERD, don’t have to suffer into perpetuity – a good GI doctor can really help.

For more information about Mountain View Hospital visit their website.

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