Taking a chemistry focused approach to weight loss improves sustainability

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – Whether for men or women, the body’s chemistry affects your metabolism. Approaching the goal of sustainable weight loss must be focused on the hormones. Achieving healthy weight loss is about adopting a new lifestyle that will change hormones.

Dr. Kristen Kells is uniquely qualified to speak about losing weight and keeping it off. She says rapid weight loss usually doesn’t equal a sustained healthy weight and lifestyle.

Coming from losing 80 pounds herself, Dr. Kells has researched what is essential for healthy weight loss. It’s not about counting calories or exercising more. A new eating plan made up of real whole foods with supplements to build hormones naturally is the program she prescribes.

One client who took on the program, Janet Wilding, was able to lose 34 pounds in three months. After numerous health issues and tired of feeling bad, she started to change her eating.

“I didn’t have to change that much. It wasn’t like I had to go out and buy horribly expensive things. It was just common sense. And I was just eating more of the proper things. The fruits and vegetables.”

– Janet Wilding

Dr. Kells knows that every person has a purpose in life. The purpose of her program is to allow people to get back to theirs. Self-esteem and energy are the foundation we need to do what we want.

If you’d like to hear what specific program Dr. Kells’ Weight Loss can craft for you, you can speak with her and her team with no-obligation. For the first 15 callers a consultation is free. Call (385) 217-6368.

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