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Nicea spoke with Brian Decker, Owner and founder of Decker Retirement planning today about taking charge of your taxes.

Tax laws are always changing and this year is no different. When Decker Retirement is helping people financially plan for their retirement they remind customers that they do not provide tax advice.

Everyone’s situation will be unique and as with all of their clients, ABC4 viewers are encouraged to seek guidance from a qualified tax professional before making any decisions about their personal situation. There are certain deductions and exemptions that can be looked at annually and also for long term consideration.

Brian suggests that to build tax-efficient financial strategies is to plan proactively which means you shouldn’t just be thinking about how taxes will affect your retirement income during tax season while your filing taxes but also throughout the year so you won’t be surprised during tax season.

Brian helps clients build holistic financial planning strategies for retirement. While he is not a tax professional or estate planning attorney, he does work closely with people to help ensure the client’s financial strategies are tax efficient.

For more information about Decker Retirement Planning, you can call (833) 717-3030 or visit their website.

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