St. Mark’s Hospital introduces Telemedicine service, TeleOB, for obstetrician care

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – St. Mark’s Hospital offers comprehensive care for women in all stages of life. However, seeing the amount of women from far distances who are willing to travel to receive care prompted a new service, TeleOB.

The Telemedicine service will help provide obstetric care to women for appointments that can be taken care of at home, instead of clinic visits. Check up appointments to address the mother’s and baby’s heart rate, blood pressure, urine samples, etc will be able to be done by women at home with home-kits. Home-kit will include everything mother’s need to perform checkups and then call in from home.

St. Mark’s Hospital has seen women commuting from places such as Elko, NV; Evanston, WY; and Southern Utah. The service is ideal for these individuals needing care, but also for the buys moms at the office or at home. TeleOB combined with the required in-clinic visit will still provide the full care needed.

Choosing an OBGYN is obviously very personal and to whom it’s important to feel a connection. A woman should start seeing an obstetrician by at least age 21 and maintain visits and regular check-ups into the 60’s. Younger girls are also welcome to address concerns. For more information go to

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