St. Mark’s Hospital accredited colorectal cancer program offers 24/7 care to patients

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March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

Dr. Jill Clark is passionate about this line of work. She isn’t a “poop specialist” because she failed all the other classes. What is most gratifying to her is having the ability to treat a disease and cure it completely. It easy to detect low stage cancer with a routine colonoscopy. Cancer is staged from 1 – 4. Lower stages means the cancer is still contained where it has started, as opposing to have spread to other parts of the body. When it’s contained, it’s easier to treat and often cured with surgery.

Colorectal is unique because it can start without symptoms. That’s why there are screening tools to look for it beforehand. Common symptoms that can merit investigation are rectal bleeding, change in bowel habits or abdominal pain. Catching the cancer can prevent it from being harder to cure later on.

St. Mark’s Hospital has a group of colorectal surgeons that administer a fully accredited colorectal fellowship training program. Two general surgeons per year come to St. Mark’s to train first before going into practice as colorectal specialists. Among the group of surgeons, they offers 24/7 surgical coverage to take care of patients.

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