Passing of a loved one can be eased by pre-planning

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Pre-planning is the process of planning and paying for you or your loved one’s funeral and cemetery needs in advance. It allows to pay for funeral and cemetery expenses so loved ones don’t have to. 

Memorial has surveyed all families they serve, and 99% of those families whose deceased loved one pre-planned their funeral services indicated that it significantly alleviated the emotional burden of the process.

By pre-planning, the costs can be locked in at today’s prices, potentially saving thousands of dollars down the road. Many people have very specific requests about their final wishes. Pre-planning also affords the opportunity to write those wishes down.
Pre-planning does not require the total cost upfront. While that is an option, pre-planning also affords the opportunity to pay for funeral and cemetery expenses over time (3, 5, 8, 10 years, etc.)

If you mention this segment to Memorial Mortuaries and Cemeteries, they will provide a 10% discount on pre-planned funeral services or cemetery property. Visit or call 801-262-4631.

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