Motivation Monday: Failure and Success

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Art Coombs motivational author and speaker joins Nicea DeGearing on ABC4 to discuss why a vital part of success is not fearing failure.

According to Art Coombs, failure is important for success, it goes hand in hand if you are not failing you’re not succeeding or at least you’re not recognizing your full potential.

Art reminisces about how all too often we give resumes that list all of our accomplishments. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to give a list of your failures because that is what got you there? A list of your failures would show what problems you solved but as humans, we are so afraid of showing any sort of weakness.

Art explains that Failure isn’t something to be avoided. When young, you tried to ride that bike and scraped your knee more than once. Failure is a part of life, especially when the world is new to us.

When we fail, we learn. Understanding this does not stop the pain. Failure is hurtful and becomes terrifying. Realizing that failure hurts, prompts us to avoid it at all cost.

No matter how cliche it sounds; Thomas Edison failed 10,000 before he figured out the light bulb. What if he would have quit at 9,999?

According to Art, embracing the fear of failure, or even encouraging failure, is liberating. The embracing of failure will accelerate the finding of alternative solutions to achievement.

When you take an opportunity to fail, you learn. Failure has consequences, but there is seldom a time when failing doesn’t foster new ideas on how to ride that bike.

Don’t avoid the fear of falling and failing. Avoiding fear means you/re willing to do without the joy that comes with success.

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