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Nick Markosian with Markosian Auto joined Nicea on ABC4 Utah today to talk about their Martin Luther King 72 Hour Sale and How and Why we do business the way they do.

About 15 years ago Nick was tired of seeing perfectly good people with good jobs and the ability to make a car payment get turned down by the lenders they worked with. So they started financing people themselves. Since that time Markosian Auto has helped over 10,000 customers get into a reliable vehicle with affordable down payments and payments.

Since Markosian Auto does its own financing they can guarantee that if you have a job and a driver’s license you will get approved. With Covid 19, who wants to go to a dealership not knowing if you will get approved and If you want you can buy any vehicle virtually. 

Markosian Auto has made it really easy to buy a car. The customers in their in-house financing program get a FREE warranty on the vehicle. And they report their customer’s good payment history to the credit bureaus to help rebuild customer’s credit. 

It’s time for Markosian Auto’s Martin Luther King 72 Hour Sale and they have slashed prices and down payments on all vehicles. Other details below:

  • Huge selection of Passats, Corollas, Jettas, Sentras, Altimas and Sonatas and more as low as $6995
  • Markosian Auto Guarantee – Bring home $400 per week and have a Utah Driver’s License and you are guaranteed a car at Markosian Auto.
  • How can we guarantee approval?  Because we are the BANK.
  • Every in-house financed vehicle comes with a warranty.
  • 80% of the cars Markosian sells are 2015 or newer.
  • Markosian Auto will get you into a nicer, newer car.

For more information about Markosian Auto or to find a vehicle at one of their locations in Taylorsville, Ogden, or Logan you can visit their website or call (801) 308-8000.

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