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Imagine, how much easier would it be if you had one foundation for all your shades? No more guessing, no more makeup drawers packed with countless colors, but a foundation that automatically matched your unique color each time. Culler Beauty Self-Adjusting Foundation is revolutionizing the way people think about their makeup routine. 

There are so many choices out there when it comes to coverage for a foundation. Culler Beauty is a self-adjusting color foundation that is designed to color match your skin tone naturally. As you apply Culler beauty foundation the secret color beads release the formula along with an SPF 50 and natural silicates which keep your skin looking fresh and safe from sun damage.

Culler Beauty helps to conceal your existing sunspots and helps prevent new ones from forming. They have figured out a way to give you powerful sun protection in a very lightweight non-greasy foundation. For an even better finish, they recommend you use Culler Beauty self-adjusting Foundation with our primer. 

The suggested primer is a pore minimizing primer and it nourishes your skin. Culler Beauty has clinically studied peptides to visibly reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. It’s also loaded with ceramides, peptides, and vitamin C to give you truly flawless looking skin. Of course, you don’t have to use it together, but it’s on sale now when you buy the Ultimate Beauty Package and if you have pores that are difficult to conceal, this is a game-changer for you.   

Culler Beauty products are quality products made here in the United States, but they aren’t expensive, they kept it affordable so everyone can see these great benefits. Plus, we have an amazing promotion for your viewers today!

Today, if you call and mention ABC4 you’re going to get Ten dollars off our Ultimate Beauty Package, which includes the Foundation and Primer AND we’re including our Eyelash Enhancer for free today. The Lash Enhancer is incredible. You apply it just like you would your mascara, and it visibly adds length and volume to really make your eyes pop.  

For additional information or to place your order, you can call 1-800-806-0788 or you can visit the Culler Beauty website.

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