Learn how to have uncomfortable conversations about equality

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Aundrea DeMille: International Keynote Speaker, Business Owner, and podcast host of The Wake Up Stories joined Surae Chinn on ABC4 Utah to talk about what people can do to help with all that is going on this week in America.

For those of you who may not know, Aundrea DeMille has been appointed by the Lieutenant Governor and Governor of Utah to help write equity, diversity & inclusion policies for the great state of Utah.

In the wake of the verdict for the Derek Chauvin trial on the murder of George Floyd followed by the funeral for Daunte Wright and the shooting of a 15 yr old black female, there have been a lot of emotions flowing. Aundrea DeMille explains how and why Americans feel sad, scared, and a little joyous with all that has happened.

Aundrea DeMille also talks about her feelings regarding the shooting of the 15 yr old girl. In her own words, “I feel that it’s unfair to group in the shooting of the 15 yrs Black female, in with the long list of unarmed people of color who have lost their lives. While tragic and devastating that a child is dead, it appears that she did have a knife in hand and was attempting to attack not one but two people. I’ll leave the investigation up to law enforcement but we do need to keep the focus on what’s really at stake in American; which is how and to what degree does bias plays a role in the unarmed shooting of people of color.” 

Aundrea touches on a study done by Stanford that covers the “veil of darkness.” In this study, it was found that after analyzing 95 million traffic stop records, filed by officers with 21 state patrol agencies and 35 municipal police forces from 2011 to 2018, researchers concluded that “police stops and search decisions suffer from persistent racial bias.”

When faced with the problem of equality, we have all said:

  • I don’t know what to say.
  • I don’t see color.
  • Discrimination is a thing of the past.
  • How do I ask the right questions?
  • What can I do, I’m one person?
  • How do I make a difference?

Let Aundrea DeMille help you learn how to have uncomfortable conversations about equality and walk you through why it is needed now more than ever. For more information and you can book Aundrea DeMille to speak or you can listen to her podcast, visit her website.

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