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Poulson Doors is a Local Garage Door company and a professional leader in the community and are known for their customer service and quality workmanship. Support of our veterans is a top concern and today we are talking to Chris Poulson who is here to tell us more about their efforts.

Chris Poulson tells Rick Aaron of ABC4 that they have been a big supporter of Wounded Warrior’s in the past and This year we were able to do a special thing for a local veteran who needed a little help.  After this person’s needs were made known to us, we were able to jump in and replace his Garage Door without it costing him a thing. This is something that they want to continue – and will provide a method where veterans or first responders in need can be nominated and possibly chosen for assistance.

The Technicians at Poulson Doors have experience installing garage doors for decades. They love this community and do what they can to support other local businesses and families. All of our techs support the community and are encouraged to participate in volunteer work for the efforts that mean most to them. 

Poulson Doors has a focus on QUALITY.  A garage door means so much to a family.  They take pride in doing the job right. Every door has a sticker and that sticker lets the family know who did the work and who they can call for any further issues.

If you know of a home or family with a veteran that needs a new garage door or a repair you can nominate them by going to Poulson Doors Social Media Pages and telling their story, include a photo of their garage door. The submissions will be reviewed and determined by a 3rd party volunteer.

For more information call Poulson Doors at (801) 529-4395 or visit their website.

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