Kindness, tolerance, and love know no race or type

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Today on Motivational Mondays, Art Coombs is a speaker, best-selling author of 3 motivational books, including recently released best-seller “Hard Easy,” and founder and CEO of KomBea, a Utah based international credit card security company.

In our COVID afflicted society, Art has seen that recently here in the U.S. an increase in racism towards people of Asian descent, and he finds it disturbing. Racism and bigotry, for any reason, are NOT OK!

Art Coombs wants to remind people that we all need to remember that no one has a monopoly on virtue. We have no right to feel angry and hatred towards others because of COVID-19. Just as Muslim’s are NOT responsible for 9/11, Asian’s are NOT responsible for COVID-19.

Showing hatred towards others because of their race, citizenship, gender, faith. Etc. is a learned behavior. No one is born a bigot. COVID-19 is not racist towards any group of people. It affects people indiscriminately.

But we need to Remember:
Talking is easy; listening is hard.
Judging is easy; mercy is hard.
Hate is easy; love is hard.
Bigotry is easy: tolerance is hard.
Let’s all try a little less easy, and a lot more hard.

To see more about Art Coombs thoughts and information about his books you can visit him on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin.

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