Is Social Security and Medicare a reliable source of retirement?

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Brian Decker, Owner, and Founder of Decker Retirement Planning joined ABC4 today to talk about Social Security and Medicare and if you can depend on it being a reliable source of retirement.

According to Brian Decker, it’s currently a tough question to answer. Generally, you can count on social security to supplement our retirement income needs and medicare to help with health care expenses, but there are different options for everyone on how to use those resources. The important thing is to know how and when to use these resources.

Everyone is first eligible to begin collecting social security at the age of 62, but you don’t have to start them. You can delay taking social security until age 65, 66, or even 70 and potentially receive a higher benefit. The key is to determine the optimal time to begin collecting social security.

Just as it is with Social Security, the best way to choose medicare coverage depends on each individual situation. There are different options available to make sure your health care needs are covered. Brian and the experts at Decker Retirement Planning highly recommend everyone sits down with a financial advisor to go over all options beforehand.

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