How one business is doing their part to keep Law Enforcement and the Community safe

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Jordan Mitchell with Salt Lake Wholesale Sports speaks with Nicea DeGearing on ABC4 this afternoon about the importance of Gun Safety.

Salt Lake Wholesale Sports motto is “serving those who serve”. They are truly passionate about helping law enforcement professionals keep themselves and their families safe while they work.

Because Salt Lake Wholesale Sports has a relationship with so many law enforcement precincts, they are able to provide the lowest prices on ammunition, firearms, and equipment to individual law enforcement personnel. They also have a wide range of pistols, AR variants, sniper rifles, and previously-owned guns as well as virtually every caliber & grain count of ammunition currently on the market.

Jordan says that Salt Lake Wholesale Sports is doing all that they can by making sure that Officers are prepared as can be when the heat gets turned up. Changes are continuously being made to equipment through various testing protocols developed by the FBI and other law enforcement communities.

Salt Lake Wholesale Sports is most known for it’s balistic, ammunition and high performance testing to make sure that they’re helping to keep Law Enforcement officers and the community safe when things get tough.

Salt Lake Wholesale Sports even offers tactical gear including holsters, duty belts, scopes, targets, less-lethal munitions and launchers, and force-on-force munitions and conversions at the same unmatched pricing.

Salt Lake Wholesale Sports is are the sole contract holder in Utah for Law Enforcement ammunition. This means that they can provide the lowest prices available to Law Enforcement agencies. They have a sizeable warehouse located in the Salt Lake area. This helps to ensure that many of there products are available immediately to provide the best service to our customers.

If you have more questions about what Salt Lake Wholesale Sports can offer, you can reach out to them by calling (800) 248.4867 or visit their website.

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