Get rid of under-eye bags and wrinkles

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Have you ever seen those crazy before and after’s on social media of a man getting rid of eye bags in minutes?

Turns out the only thing crazy about them is how crazy good the product, PlexaDerm, works! A lifestyle expert from the company joined Midday with details. 

Angie Bruse with Plexaderm joined Midday with details.  “PlexaDerm is the first product that works so quickly to cosmetically tighten wrinkles and bags right before your eyes.  It uses the power of silicates derived from shale clay that work to tighten your skin in as little as 5-minutes without injections, without any prescription, without any real effort,” she said.

Plexaderm is applied in cream form from the comfort of your own home, car, or wherever you need it.  It’s simple to use and It’s so powerful that you only need to apply this small amount to your fingertips, then gently rub it on to the wrinkles underneath your eyes.

Just by watching these time-lapse videos, you can see, the results are just incredible thanks to the technology of silicates. Plexaderm can be worn under makeup and is popular with both men and women.  

It’s on sale for the 4th of July for $14.95 with free shipping, so call them at 1-800-214-3981 or visit their website!

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