Four common misconceptions about retirement

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Brian Decker, Owner and Founder of Decker Retirement Planning joined Nicea on ABC4 today to talk about the Four Common Misconceptions about retirement.

One of the most common phrases that Brian hears about retirement is Retirement Planning is only for the Wealthy” and that is not true. Decker Retirement Planning is in business because everyone needs someone to help them sort out the truth of poor financial guidance out there.

Saving for retirement is a key component of retirement planning, but it is only part of the process. If you don’t have a solid plan, you won’t be prepared when the time comes to retire. If you have a holistic plan you can have financial confidence.

Many people believe that once they have a retirement strategy in place they don’t need to change it or review it. Life happens, dreams change, your needs change. You always have the freedom to modify your strategy to fit your life. Having a basic plan is important but you should always leave room for the unexpected.

Brian Decker and Decker Retirement Planning are financial professionals. If you think they’re all the same, contact Brian Decker and find out what makes them different from the rest.

Visit their Website or call Decker Retirement Planning at Phone# 833.717.3030

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