Dixie Tech prepares Essential Workers

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President of Dixie Technical College, Kelle Stevens spoke with Nicea DeGering of ABC4 News today in sunny St. George to talk about why Technical Educational opportunities are so important to support now more than ever.

As the world, the nation, the state, and the greater Dixie community begins to move out of crisis and into a new normal with revised restrictions and requirements for returning to work, a group now known as essential workers continue to do what they’ve always done.  They worked through the infamous Covid-19 crisis with scarcely a change in their routine.  And as the rest of the area plans to go back to work, they wonder what the big deal is.  They never stopped! 

Essential workers are those who provide the infrastructure of every community.  While often taken for granted when life is smooth, they become hero’s in a crisis whether personal or global. Dixie Tech prepares individuals from age 16 to 66+ to become the essential workers in Washington County and beyond. 

Why are they essential?  Because accidents happen and citizens need to be rescued and taken to the hospital. Because everyone needs well supported medical care. Because daily medications from the pharmacy are needed. Because personal transportation is a must. Because manufacturing must go on. Because we’ve become accustomed to indoor plumbing and electricity. 

Because people live in homes that are well designed. Because comfortable indoor temperatures are demanded. Because we rely on computer technology like never before. Because everything that we purchase comes to us on a diesel truck. Because we enjoy the pleasure of dining out. Because the apps on our smartphones have become a given. Because web sites drive commerce. Because society has come to expect to enjoy the good life.

Dixie Technical College is uniquely mandated to provide relevant, necessary, skill-based training to support Washington County employers.  Most specifically, to support the employers whose employees keep our community functioning and healthy. 

Dixie Technical College offers over 20 fully accredited programs that prepare students for essential work. The curriculum is relevant and targeted to get students immediately engaged in their chosen course of study.  They are challenged at a deep level as they strive to develop competencies that allow them to say “I can!”.  Most programs are a year in length, give or take a few months. They are affordable.  Dixie Tech students graduate debt-free and go to work in rewarding careers. 

A technical college education is an essential education for work that is worthwhile, that brings a great sense of personal satisfaction, that pays well, and that brings a sense of happiness to those who are “doers”. 

For more information visit Dixie Technical College on Facebook, or Instagram to find your own essential career!

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