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We all know that sleep is critically important for good health and today on ABC4 Utah, to tell viewers more about why and how we can make good sleep a reality is Nicole Stevens, Director of Clinical Research at doTERRA.  Nicole, helps us understand the science behind good sleep.

We’ve all experienced a restless night and where your sleep-aid was the only thing you had available to help you get a few Zzz’s but you woke to feel groggy or left in a fog. This is where doTERRA can help!

Inhaling essential oils with chemicals that hold relaxing, calming, or soothing benefits, such as lavender, can induce a response within the body for relaxation. This internal response can encourage a restful night of sleep. As a result of that restful night of sleep, the aroma creates a positive association within the brain. Positive associations promote the use of this particular oil as part of a healthy sleeping routine.

Here are seven way’s rest and sleep can benefit your well being.

As adults we know how important sleep is for our bodies, it’s important that we teach our children to relax and bedtime is often the hardest part of the day for parents, regardless of the age of the kids in the home. Toddlers wanting a little more attention, older kids needing to finish homework, no matter what it is, doTerra has a few tips to help make bedtime calmer and a little less painful for everyone.

You can read about their suggested bedtime routines made simple on their blog and also see what products they’d suggest purchasing for the little ones.

No matter the age, we all could use a good night’s rest and doTERRA know’s just how to help us get it. You can find more information on their website or you can shop for a diffuser, oils, or any of the many other products that can help you to feel your best.

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