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It’s finally Friday and that means that we are bringing you the latest greatest must-haves. The restaurant’s that you need to try out for your culinary delights. Katy is in Provo and she is visiting the House of Frybread!

She has the honor and privilege of introducing you to what she would call culinary royalty in Utah where Frybread is the star! They have Navajo tacos and this is their most famous – the chili Verde. They also have a posole that comes with just the plain frybread or you can put honey and lavender on it.

House of Frybread also has a little coffee kiosk Skoden coffee and it is their kids that they have run it so they wanted to include them in their concept. This is their project and they help to come up with recipes. They offer the cinnamon bear and we work with a local roaster and they dropped off some brown sugar cinnamon syrup so we were playing around and we came up with a cinnamon mocha. They also offer a honey lavender syrup that they make in-house. They’re making everything from scratch and it’s all filled with love and care.

For those who don’t know what Frybread is, it’s similar to a scone but they don’t use yeast the active ingredient is baking powder and that’s how you get the fluffiness. The unique thing is that the flour used at the House of frybread is from Cortez from Bluebird Milling Company.

They have been milling this flour for about 150 years. This flour is really popular with the Navajo nation and they love using it because they source their grains locally and their whitening process is actually through sifting and they use a plant-based product and they don’t add preservatives and this is the signature of indigenous tribes it is a contemporary food that most tribes serve so they have been staying away from a Navajo taco and trying to incorporate Native Taco so they can incorporate the other nations celebrating all of them.

You can give them a call at (801)709-1120, visit their website and check out the menu or visit them on Facebook.

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