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Holly Love with Talk 365 TV joined Nicea on ABC4 today to talk about the updated content that they have available for September.

Talk 365 TV is introducing fresh new content every week, online and on-air but they’re bringing new content to help improve your life, your health, and your happiness.

Today Holly wants to talk about sleep because it’s something that not enough of is linked to many different issues. Depression, weight loss, weight gain, anxiety, and many other conditions.

Sleep is something we all need more of and has been an issue because of increased stress levels. Stress levels in 2020 have been at an all-time high with COVID-19, rioting, and now with kids going back to school or with homeschooling.

Talk 365 TV has an offer from The Brain Rehab Clinic where they’ve created the perfect sleep supplement to allow your brain to rewire itself for the perfect night’s sleep.

Watch now and get an offer from Talk 365 TV and ABC4 viewers.

If you’d like more information about Talk 365 TV, you can watch daily on Utah’s CW30 at 6:30AM every day or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

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