Benefits of buying a digital Piano for the holidays

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Now, more than ever, piano playing has become a wonderful way for families to bring the joys of music into their home, cultivate creativity and enjoy quality time together, and what better gift to give this holiday season than the gift of music. Piano Gallery has served Utah for 30 years and is the state’s Premier Yamaha Dealer.

You probably grew up with an acoustic piano in your home and always dreamed of having the same for your family. It’s no wonder why the classic feel of an acoustic piano, when it’s a new grand piano or a used upright piano, brings with it a lot of memories.

However, even many of us “classic” piano lovers are turning to digital pianos. Technology has come a long way since the early years of pianos, providing many benefits of buying a digital piano that even acoustic piano enthusiasts love.

Benefits of Buying a Digital Piano

Original digital pianos were not much more than simple, portable keyboards on stands and maybe with a corded sustain pedal dangling down if you were lucky. However, the technology experts at renowned piano companies such as Yamaha have been working for years to create a digital piano that everyone, even skeptics, can love.

  • More Affordable than Acoustic Pianos: One of the main reasons new piano owners love digital pianos is because they are affordable.
  • High-Quality Grand Piano Sound: The technology for sampling sounds in digital pianos has come leaps and bounds since digital pianos’ early years.
  • Same Touch as Acoustic Pianos: This means weighted keys, textured black keys, and touch that differs just slightly on the lower notes compared to the higher registers—just like a real piano.
  • Don’t Require Tuning: Since their sounds are programmed in, they don’t require any tuning from a professional tuner. Also, how often do you need to Tune an acoustic piano to protect your investment?
  • Players Can Use Headphones: Being able to practice with headphones means you can play any time of day or night, you can practice in private if you’d like, or can drown out the sounds of a busy household while you play.
  • Different Instrument Sounds: They can play different instruments or can even play different types of pianos with different sounds.
  • More Engaging for Kids: Another benefit of buying a digital piano is that they are more engaging for children or other first-time learners.
  • Background Rhythms: Unlike the boring metronome ticking away next to you, a background rhythm helps you learn to keep a steady rhythm but with a more authentic playing experience.
  • Smart Accompaniments: You control harmony and dynamics, as well as the style of music.
  • Recording Capabilities: One reason more experienced pianists see the benefit of buying a digital piano is because of the recording capabilities.
  • Learning Technology: Not only are digital pianos equipped with technology, such as guide lights that help you play some of your favorite songs, but they’re also compatible with a number of apps that help you or your child learn to play.
  • They Last Longer Than They Used To: You’ll hear some piano stores pushing acoustic pianos because they last longer than digital pianos. This is a tricky subject because while it’s often true, it still doesn’t always make the acoustic piano the better purchase. Unlike cell phones or laptops that last 2-5 years, digital pianos can last up to 20-50 years, depending on the quality of the piano and upkeep.

A digital piano is worth it as long as you buy a digital piano that fits families’ goals and needs. It means you can get a higher quality piano than you could if you bought a comparably-priced acoustic piano. It also provides many of the same benefits of an acoustic piano, such as traditional sound and touch, while also offering technology and opportunities that can’t be replicated in a digital piano.

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