Be the Captain of your own retirement

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Nicea speaks with Brian Decker, Owner and Founder of Decker Retirement Planning on ABC4 Midday today about being the Captain of your own retirement and what that means.

Retirement Planning sometimes feels like a maiden voyage into the unknown. You have one shot at achieving this huge goal – the destination, but it isn’t always easy. Brian Decker suggests that clients of his be the captain of their own retirement and that means all decisions are up to them to chart their course forward. It’s in their hands, but they have help to guide clients on their journey from people like Brian and his associates at Decker Retirement Planning.

Everyone needs help with the correct tools so they can keep sailing forward but before we set sail for retirement, we have to build the ship. A well balanced retirement plan that is designed to weather any storm.

Once you have a carefully built retirement plan, you’re ready to set sail for retirement but that doesn’t always mean that it will be smooth sailing ahead. It’s important to constantly monitor your plan to make sure you’re working towards your goals and adjust as needed.

For more information about Decker Retirement planning or to find out how they can help you to plan your voyage, visit their website or call (833) 717.3030

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