Avoid the tent and get a better deal on a car this Labor Day weekend

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Avoid the Tent and Get a Better Deal this Labor Day weekend. Markosian Auto has a HUGE selection of cars at amazing prices. They have over 40 cars under $10K. Nick Markosian, joined Nicea DeGering to talk about how they can get you into a new car, guaranteed.

If I have poor credit, no problem!  They can help anyone get into a nicer, newer car.

Markosian Auto wants to make sure you have all the information you need to make an awesome decision buying your next vehicle.

At MarkosianAuto.com, you can find out your credit score, see what credit rate you qualify for, and if Markosian Auto can’t get you financing from one of their finance partners, they will finance you themselves.

You can also see a complete list of vehicles available. Plus, there is a payment calculator in which you can drop in your interest rate based on your credit score. They can pull for you without impacting your credit score. 

Nick reiterated the Markosian Auto Guarantee: Bring home $400 per week, have a Utah Driver’s License, and you are guaranteed a car at Markosian Auto!

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