At Your Leisure joins Midday to talk about the latest in outdoor recreation

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Ria Rossi Booth, one of the hosts for At Your Leisure, joined Nicea DeGering on Midday to talk about the latest in outdoor recreation in Utah as well as upcoming topics for the show.

Here’s a look at some of the upcoming episodes:

Parris RV Safari – Ghost Town Hunting

Chad and Ria along with Brett and Dori Paris meander across Montana and Idaho to tour some of the best Ghost Towns ever. Some are haunted and some are just plain inhabited! We will visit such legendary names as Virginia City, Bannock, and Granite in search of the memories of mining booms gone bust.

Motor Mania – Car Show

Chad and Ria love classic and custom cars, and each year in Mesquite they draw quite a few at Motor Mania. We will wander the grounds at 4 different locations to take in the 1000 plus cars on display. Be sure to ask about the car made out of wood.

Timber sleds

What to dirt bikers do in winter? Convert their rigs to Timber Sleds. Veteran dirt bike rider David Steadman who has been mastering Timbersleds for three years takes a life long friend for his first ride.

What is a Flying Cowboy?

We will take to the air with a cadre of backcountry pilots who have planes that can land on almost anything. Watch as they surprise a guy with a birthday wish for a backcountry plane ride.

You can watch At Your Leisure every Saturday at 10:30 p.m. right after ABC 4 News at 10.

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