As spring and summer heat comes, so do our most unwanted pests such as grub worms

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Kent Mickelsen, IFA Utah Certified Nurseryman from IFA Country Stores speaks with Nicea DeGering on ABC4 Midday about the most unwanted pests such as grub worms.

Kent Mickelsen explains that grub works are larvae hatched from eggs laid by billbugs that are most common in Utah and occasionally June Beetles. They eat and destroy the root system of the lawn, causing brown spots.

The best way to control lawn grubs is to prevent them by applying a systemic grub killing insecticide during the month of May (in most locations in Utah and surrounding states). Bonide Insect & Grub Control or Bio-advanced Complete Insect Killer For Lawns are both excellent choices for grub prevention because they are systemic and can provide season-long grub control.

The applied systemic insecticide is waiting in the grassroots when the new grub worms hatch and emerge from their eggs. Their first bite will kill the grubs immediately so they don’t become a lawn destroying menace. To further establish a lush lawn with strong roots, apply our 4-Step Plus lawn fertilizer.

IFA Step 2 may be applied until regular daytime temperatures consistently reach 85 degrees. If it becomes too warm or as we head into June, it’s time to switch to IFA Step 3. It’s formulated with slow-release nitrogen and additional nutrients helpful for the summer.

We’ve all seen those lush, immaculately-cared-for, emerald-green lawns that every homeowner strives for around the neighborhood.

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