A Home Energy Plan can help you identify ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency

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Therm joined Nicea on ABC4 Utah to talk about how a home energy plan by a Dominion Energy expert can show you how to conserve energy and save money in your home.

When you schedule a Home Energy Plan, an energy expert arrives at your house and at your convenience to evaluate the energy efficiency of your home. They will leave behind a list of suggestions to help your home conserve more energy.

By taking these steps to weatherize your home, people save money and there are potential rebates via the ThermWise program. Likewise, energy-efficient appliances can significantly lower your consumption. The ThermWise program offers rebates for certain appliances like a tankless water heater. There’s also a new ThermWise rebate for the Dual Fuel Heating System. Ask your HVAC contractor if it will work in your home.

For those building homes, check with your builder about ThermWise rebates that can help support the construction of an energy-efficient home. As an example, Dominion Energy helps the Layton High School construction program build cost-effective energy-efficient homes.

Get started with a Home Energy Plan by visiting the ThermWise website.

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