350 auto manufacturers showing off 2020 models at Utah International Auto Expo

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The 2020 Honda Ridgeline is just one of vehicles you can see at the Utah International Auto Expo. It has 280 horsepower, 5,000lb towing capacity, yet it doesn’t drive like a truck. It has a smooth ride and impressive power even in the snow.

The expo also features sedans, fuel efficiency cars, hybrids, heavy-duty trucks, and more. All of which are showing off what they have to offer in their 2020 models. You can expect 350 of the newest cars from various manufacturers.

The offers available are for everyone whether you need something for your family, for weather, or something with all the bells and whistles.

Many of the cars taut the technological advancements of 2020. You can see cars that have autonomous features like lane assist, braking assist, fuel economy upgrades, and more.

The Utah International Expo is a non-sales shows environment. Product specialists on the floor know the ins and outs of each vehicle, but don’t try to sell you a car. Bring you’re questions. If you want to drive one off the lot, you can find a franchised auto-dealer in your community to take home.

You can find tickets at UtahAutoExpo.com.

January 17-20

Mountain America Expo Center

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