$25 per room with a three-room minimum

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Check out the special three-step process from Zerorez that is completely unmatched in the industry.

ZR Lifter

The ZR Lifter is a machine with counter-rotating brushes to loosen up the deeply embedded dirt that’s stuck in the carpet fibers. This is the stuff that your vacuum cleaner cannot reach. 

Powered Water

It’s an electrolyzed oxidative water that’s strong enough to dissolve dirt and oils, yet safe enough to drink. When used to clean it doesn’t leave hard sticky residue o your carpets,

The Wand

The wand makes sure fibers are cleaned down to the bottom, and dry times are significantly reduced since the carpet is not flooded. Because there is no soil attracting residue left behind, spots are also less likely to appear. This powerful technology provides a truly green clean and an added health benefit for those who use it.

Zerorez really has changed this industry – and when you decide to get your carpets cleaned, this the company to trust.

Right now is a great time to clean and Zerorez has slashed pricing. $25 per room with a three-room minimum.

To book a cleaning or to learn more visit Zerorez now or call (801) 288-9376.

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