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Getting motivated is something many people struggle with when they want to make changes at home, work, or in their health. Art Coombs talks about being motivated on three levels.

The first and the most base level is “I have to.” Watch your words carefully and listen to yourself when you say, “I have to” do this or that. What are you saying? You are saying I am a slave. I have no choice. I am forced to do this or that regardless. Are you a slave?

The second and slightly higher motivation is “I ought to.” At this point, you are consciously deciding to act. It may be begrudgingly out of duty or obligation, but it is your decision.

The third and highest level of motivation is “I want to.” When you live in the “I want to” space, you will find the inner peace, health, and serenity we all seek.

Art Coombs shares some ways we can get motivated to make positive changes.

Why are you waiting until you feel like doing it? Somewhere you got the idea that you must be motivated before you act. Start a plan and act regardless of your motivation. If you wait until you feel like it, it will never happen.

Art tells us how do we keep the positive mindset he talks about with “want to” and changing your mindset.

It is all about changing your mindset, vocabulary, actions and that drives your direction. I hear many people say “I have to pay taxes. Art isn’t there somethings we all “have” to do? The reality is that you “want” to pay taxes. You do not like the consequences of not paying taxes, so you “want” to pay taxes.

When you shift your mindset from “I have to” and swap it with “I want to” you go from being reactive to proactive. This shift snowballs, and you will find your motivation to tackle hard tasks goes way up.

Always live your life in the “I want to” space. Take complete control and own it.

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