Diet and nutrition in isolation from an Obesity Medicine Specialist

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Elizabeth Hanna, Nurse Practitioner and Obesity Medicine Specialist with the Weight Treatment Center at St. Mark’s Hospital spoke with Glen Mills in the ABC4 Backyard to discuss COVID-19, Isolation, and foods we can focus on eating while we are social distancing.

As many of us are in isolation, we need to make sure that our families are not falling into nutritional pitfalls such as not keeping to a routine, endlessly snacking, treating yourself daily. If you’re guilty of sitting in front of the TV to eat and not eating as a family, you should look at this habit and think about changing it. Some studies show that if you’re eating in front of the TV, we tend to eat more and often don’t remember what they’ve eaten.

Elizabeth suggests switching to canned and frozen fruits and vegetables as people are focused on social distancing and limiting trips to the grocery store as these are still healthy options that you can keep in your house and they will last longer.

Elizabeth provided us with a few other tips for social distancing:

  • Avoid indulging.
  • Along with supporting local restaurants for small businesses, you can also support places that sell books, flowers, and other local businesses.
  • Get out and be physical and creative. What have you put off that you can do now?
  • Nothing is known to cure COVID-19 but eating healthy fruits and vegetables and checking to see if you have a Vitamin D3 deficiency can help in all areas of your life.

Also, remember all of this is temporary. If you feel you need help, St. Marks has a Telehealth option available.

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