Camp K offers safe recreation opportunities amid COVID-19 pandemic

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 News) – With The Coronavirus in Utah affecting so many aspects of our everyday life, summer camps are doing their best to stay open and offer recreation opportunities. And for camps that serve people in high-risk or compromised health categories, safety is important. Camp Kostopulos, or Camp K as it’s best know among the community, is taking precautions to keep its participants safe this summer.

Mircea Divricean, President and CEO of Kostopulos Dream Foundation which operates Camp K, says they’re offering summer day camp opportunities through August 14, 2020. Divricean tells ABC4 Utah’s Nicea DeGering that Camp K staff are attentive to the special needs of many the people they serve and are taking extra care to make everyone’s recreation experience a pleasant and safe one. Divricean adds that Camp K is open to everyone regardless of ability levels. Camp K offers recreation opportunities for people with or without disabilities.

Divricean says Camp K made the decision to cancel it’s popular residential camp programs this summer due to COVID-19 concerns, but the camp is taking the steps necessary to offer day camps. Divricean adds that due to the high-risk community Camp K serves, they’re operating under the high-risk guidelines suggested by the Health Department, which includes limiting the number of campers to small groups per session and checking every camper for any COVID-19 symptoms upon check-in, including taking body temperatures before they enter the campground.

Divricean says Camp K is also partnering with the University of Utah to provide virtual camping experiences online.

Visit Camp K online to learn more about it’s programs and services and how you can get involved or support The Kostopulos Dream Foundation.

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