Zerorez engineers carpet cleaning solution even safe enough to drink

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SALT LAKE CIYT, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – If your carpet’s not where it needs to be, spring is good time to pull the trigger on cleaning. Zerorez has engieered a patented cleaning solution for carpets that it safe for kids, pets and doesn’t leave shampoo or cleaner residue.

The usual carpet cleaning process shoots water down into the backing of the carpet and thus also into the padding where it can sit and produce mold and bacteria.

The Zerorez cleaning solution or fluid is called Powered Water and it uses two hundred percent less fluid which allows the carpet to dry faster. Powered Water doesn’t use any soaps or harsh detergents. The process in creating it involves taking regular water, softening it, and then run through electrolysis where the pH is raised changing it to act like soap. Once it comes in contact with oils or dirt it becomes slick. The oils and dirt create a soap-like substance that easily washes out.

Like mentioned before, this makes the fluid completely safe. Safe enough to drink, but strong enough to remove a stain like iodine. 

If you’re thinking of your kids and pets and all the surfaces they play on (stairs, family room, basement, your room) the cleaning process is always completely safe. Right now, if you mention this spot Zerorez Salt Lake will keep three rooms for $99 and the fourth room at no cost.

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