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See Through the Vape is here to provide the information you need to make an informed decision and the free and confidential tools to help you beat your nicotine addiction. Vaping can increase your risk of COVID-19 complications. Don’t risk your health.

According to researchers at Stanford, “vaping is linked to a substantially increased risk of COVID-19 among teenagers and young adults.” In the study, they found vapers were 5-7 times more likely to be infected than those who did not vape. According to the CDC, “smoking increases your risk of severe illness from COVID-19.”

Many people believe that vaping is safe and an effective way to quit smoking. However, 99% of e-cigarettes contain nicotine, which studies have shown is as addictive as heroin. A recent CDC report pointed out that, rather than helping to reduce the number of smokers, e-cigarettes are increasing the overall number of people who use tobacco products in the United States.

The vapor and e-liquids in vape products are also not safe. They contain heavy metals like nickel, tin, and lead, and toxic chemicals, like formaldehyde and diacetyl. These chemicals are inhaled deep into the lungs and can cause lung disease and injuries, as well as cardiovascular disease.

Whether you smoke or vape, quitting is more important than ever. They want to help by providing you with free and confidential resources to make your life tobacco-free. Many people are twice as likely to quit when they use a coach, and more than three times more likely when they use Nicotine Replacement Therapy, like gum and patches.

You can find more information and all of these free quit resources on the See Through The Vape website.

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