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Why July is the nation’s deadliest month for accidents

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In our state and across the country there has been a lot of celebration. Unfortunately, the celebrations also bring with them a lot of accidents. The National Safety Council says July is the nations deadliest month.

The Advocates were at This Is The Place monument talking about why July is so deadly.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

With two of the biggest holidays this month there is a lot of travel and as well as crashes. The main prevention of accidents is to not be distracted, pay attention, put down cell phones, and of course don’t drink and drive. Utah has some of the most significant civil penalties for drinking and driving. It’s easier to call Uber or Lyft than to go through the heartache of an accident.

Firework Accidents

There are also many firework cases in July that happen simply because people don’t exercise caution when lighting fireworks. People aren’t following the instructions and doing what they are supposed to when handling fireworks.

The Advocates represent any injury accident, not only motor vehicle accidents, and are happy to help and take any questions. For any accident where you weren’t at fault call 801-355-5550 or visit

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