Why it’s okay to be a bad host when it comes to COVID-19

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Everyone is concerned about a surge in Covid19 cases and infections as more businesses open and loosen restrictions. Emily Clark with ABC4 spoke with Michelle Salas, a certified integrative health coach, and nutritionist if the public should be concerned about a second wave?

“It is impossible to know what the impact will be as businesses open up and what will happen in the fall when the cold & flu season starts up again. We know that the people with the worse outcomes to the coronavirus infection are the elderly, those with underlying health conditions, and those who seem to be healthy but are actually metabolically unfit. These 3 categories make one an excellent host for the virus. What we want to be is a bad host for the coronavirus!” ~ Michelle Sala

What it means to be metabolically unfit:

There are 5 biometrics that doctors typically use to describe someone as having “metabolic syndrome”. These biomarkers are:

  • 1) having elevated blood sugar
  • 2) elevated fasting insulin
  • 3) elevated blood pressure
  • 4) elevated triglycerides and LDL
  • 5) a waist circumference of > 35” for a woman & > 40”.

Having at least three of these markers is considered having metabolic syndrome or what Michelle considers being metabolically unfit or being an excellent host for the coronavirus.

Metabolic Syndrome also makes someone an excellent candidate for other medical conditions like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and/or cancer. If you have poorly controlled Type 2 diabetes, you most definitely have metabolic syndrome.

So what can someone do about metabolic syndrome or how does someone become a bad host for COVID19?

The solution to that is actually very simple! Getting one’s blood sugar under control is the first step.

You can do this by cutting out sodas, even diet sodas need to be eliminated; adopting a low carb, whole foods diet – stick to fresh low carb vegetables, high-quality protein sources, limit seasonal fruits; and getting some simple exercise into your life every.

Sugar and highly refined processed foods are probably the biggest contributors to metabolic syndrome. The lockdown/sheltering at home did not help matters because a lot of people have been using high carb processed food as comfort foods during these trying times. This has made many people a good host for the virus. Remember, you want to be a bad host.

To find out more visit Michelle’s website or her blog.

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