Veterans getting help with benefits

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Jim Hill the CEO and Co-Founder of Vet Comp and Pen and also a Navy Veteran spoke with Surae Chinn on ABC4 today about healthcare challenges that Veterans are facing.

The current backlog of exams at the VA stands at 125,000 and growing. In a letter sent to the VA Secretary Robert Wilkie on Tuesday, five lawmakers expressed their frustration with the lack of transparency on the issue so far.

Vet Comp and Pen is a company founded on purpose beyond profit, an organization created by veterans and VA insiders to help those who served to get to a better place in their lives. VCP’s process helps vets increase their disability ratings with the VA so they can get the life-changing benefits they are medically and ethically qualified for.

House lawmakers are turning up the heat on the Department of Veterans Affairs after it failed to provide them with a plan for safely cutting down on its increasing backlog of disability compensation and pension exams. This comes at a critical time for veterans as our economy continues to struggle and all of us fight to survive.

Veterans need C&P exams in order to receive a disability rating, but the department paused over 230,000 C&P exams on April 2nd to prevent further spread of COVID-19. While lawmakers said that they agreed with the decision to stop the exams, they also argued that the VA needed a back-up plan, such as conducting virtual C&P exams, so that veterans could still take the exams in order to receive disability ratings.

Veterans have earned their benefits and Vet Comp and Pen wants to help them get what they are ethically entitled to. It helps to have an experienced team to work with and on behalf of veterans to create stronger medically evidenced cases.

There is no upfront fee for the services of Vet Comp & Pen and while veterans may seem like a number to the VA, Vet Comp and Pen works to make them feel valued for their service. Many Veterans say having to fight so hard for something they earned is frustrating and sometimes the amount of time and effort it takes is emotionally taxing.

If you need assistance, please contact Vet Comp and Pen via phone at 888-98-Veteran or visit their website for additional questions.

You can also visit one of their other Social Media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or LinkedIn.

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