Utah’s first hospital now has 100 years of leadership and participation

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – St. Mark’s Hospital has recently been honored by the American Hospital Association for 100 years of participation and leadership. Mark Robinson, St. Mark’s CEO, joined us to share more about what this means for our community.

The American Hospital Association is quite simply a society that works to promote quality health care. They monitor health care providers nationwide to ensure quality for the public. St. Mark’s Hospital was honored to receive the award highlighting the high level care their team provides every day

Many people may not realize that St. Mark’s Hospital is Utah’s first hospital. Originally opened in 1872, it has been delivering exceptional care to the Salt Lake City community for nearly 150 years. Obviously, the hospital has seen significant growth and increased technology in that time.

From the St. Mark’s School of Nursing, which opened in 1894, to the opening of the Women’s Pavilion at St. Mark’s Hospital in 2000, high-quality, personalized patient care is at the heart of its tradition of excellence. As a leading cardiovascular hospital, it has a long history of handling complex medical emergencies and serving patients with advanced, innovative care.

The Utah Institute for Robotic Surgery was launched earlier this year. Its’ highly skilled surgeons continue to advance the field of robotic surgery in Utah, performing over 50 unique classifications of surgery since the program’s inception. Robotic surgery has played a key role in the growth of gynecology, urology, oncology, colorectal and general surgical practices since 2011 and will continue to keep St. Mark’s Hospital on the leading edge of medical technology.

For more information about the services St. Mark’s offers our community visit StMarksHospital.com.

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