Utah State Bar’s licensed paralegal program answering public need for access to justice

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – The creation of a unique new profession is aiming to provide the public legal services at a lower cost and greater access to professionals who are trained in the law. This comes as a result of the Supreme Court addressing the issue of access to legal help and pushing for this type of profession to be made.

There are people in need of help to get through the legal system that can find it through these licensed paralegals. LPP’s don’t have to be lawyers or have the training, certification, and schooling the average attorney requires.

A lot of cases are settled out of court and these LP professionals will have the ability and training to help people work through settlements and negotiations process. Even for cases that may end up in court, this work y LPP’s will be beneficial because most of the work with cases happens before entering the courtroom, dealing with paperwork and the legal process.

LPP’s will help people considered as “Pro Bono” cases who can’t afford legal help and don’t have legal counselor. These people in need are often unprepared and unfamiliar with the legal vocabulary and procedures and protocol.

For the formation of the program, the Utah State Bar is looking for qualified individuals. These qualifications are very similar to those wanting to practice law as an attorney: organized, very analytical, willing to go through the education and steps. Professionals will gain time working as a paralegal under the supervision of an attorney on his or her cases becoming familiar with the legal process

The position is offering a chance for a legal professional to those who don’t have the time to attend law school but have the skill set. The profession is for those willing to put in at least two years for an associate’s degree instead of seven years for a law degree.

Go to www.utahbar.org/lpp to learn how to apply.

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