Utah State Bar: Middle class often under served and out of reach of legal services

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People who are caught in between, “not qualifying for free services” and “not being able to afford a full priced attorney”, mainly a middle-class demographic, can struggle to find legal help. 

Most often this group faces the challenge of representing them self in court and trying to get at least some assistance from an attorney, without being able to afford to retain one for a full case.

Trying to represent yourself can be very difficult and cause a loss of the case without even knowing it. A case involves many of deadlines and responsibilities that can go unnoticed and ultimately end the case.

A model for affording and receiving help from an attorney has been created by the Utah State Bar and a program called LicensedLawyer.org. It connects individuals to attorneys who have agreed to accept lower fees, charge base on income and family size, and to take cases that are different than a normal pay-by-the-hour fee model, for example a flat fee for a particular service.

License Lawyer directs individuals to the different types of attorneys that can handle specific types of cases. Modest Means through The Utah State bar is another program that can help to connect with attorneys that will take cases at significantly reduced prices and offer free consolations.

Speaking with a lawyer even without being able afford one is a great benefit. Meeting with an attorney for a half an hour to an hour can help to understand the legal process and what self-representors are getting into if they can’t afford an attorney.

Chances are the other party will have an attorney that will know how to use and take advantage of the system while some won’t able to. To take advantage of these services visit LicensedLawyer.org and connect with an attorney.

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