With snow, wind and hail your roof can take a beating.  Josh Carrion, from Legacy Roofing, let us know about the top causes of roof leaks.  Josh

Weather can cause a lot of damage. You want to be aware of leaks and especially check to see if any shingles have come loose or are missing.   Here are the top 10 causes of roof leaks:

  • Flashing has cracked
  • Broken shingles
  • Valleys aren’t properly sealed
  • Vent booting is cracked
  •  Ice dam buildup
  • Skylights improperly installed
  • Gutters are clogged
  • A cracked chimney
  • Condensation in the attic
  • Being on the roof too much

To the average homeowner who may not know what to look for Legacy Roofing has a free roof assessment. Specialists come out and examine your roof looking for problem areas. Often, the team looks at the underside of your roof through your attic as well. Many times, roofs don’t need to be replaced, just repaired. They also work closely with insurance agents if needed.

For more information about the free roof assessment call 801-939-0743 or visit them online at LegacyRoofingUtah.com.

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