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Things to know this Thanksgiving while traveling and in the case of an accident

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Roads across Utah, like the one in Parley’s Canyon, will be so much busier the next couple of days. 40 million drivers are expected to hit the road over the Thanksgiving holiday. Chris from The Advocates had a few things you need to know before you go, to stay safe.

It’s a fun time of year to travel, to see family and friends. Make sure you’re prepared before leaving. Let people know where you’re traveling, the times, and the routes that you’re going to be travelling on. Make sure you have an emergency kit in the car. Especially if something happens and your cars disabled. 

You never know in Utah when the weather will change. We want that snow but check the conditions, so you know what kind of road you’re going to be dealing with.

If you are in an accident make sure to pull off the side of the road to a safe location. Assess the situation. Take pictures if there was an accident. Take pictures and get documentation from potentially the person who was at fault. Insurance information and contact information. You should absolutely be taking pictures yourself for documentation.

If you need to go to a hospital, everyone in Utah that has an insurance policy has $3000 of personal injury protection and they get that regardless if they are at fault, or not. So you can go see a doctor and get assessed to see if you’re hurt at all.

For other questions you can contact The Advocates. You need someone that knows on your team and on your side. If you need more information, or you can go to Their offices are in Ogden, Salt Lake, American Fork, and St. George. They are there if you are hurt and need compensation for injuries.

Be safe out there and Happy Thanksgiving!

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