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The Advocate’s safety tips for the 41 million kids on the streets this Halloween

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Well, parents out there are preparing for Halloween with their kids, I know you have some safety tips when it comes to the 41 million kids out trick-or-treating.

I have two of those 40 million right here. So, we have a dragon and an owl over here. One of the things that we’re doing to make sure that they’re safe when they’re out there is we want to make sure that they’re seen. So that they have flashlights, that they have reflective gear, so that they can be seen when they’re out there. We also want to make sure that when we do cross the street that we’re crossing in crosswalks and that we’re looking both ways making sure that it’s safe. Because you’re focused on candy and you forget. 

And you’ve got lots of energy too.

Well, 70% of us are sending our kids out. I know you have a four and six-year-old. You’re probably going with them, but a lot of kids are going out on their own.

And that’s why it’s important for parents to always know where their kids are if they’re not going to be with them. So plan a route beforehand of where you know they’re gonna trick or treat and set a time when they’re gonna be home so that you generally know where they’re gonna be at all times.

And adults out there, plan to see trick-or-treaters. 

A lot of adults are out there. Eighty six percent of people are going to Halloween parties and there’s alcohol involved If they are going to parties and there’s alcohol, take a Lyft or an Uber home. And when they’re out there driving without alcohol, spot the tot. If you’re gonna pull over, pull over in a safe location. 

If you or someone you love does get hurt in an accident, why is it important to have an advocate?

Ultimately what we are in the position of doing is we want to see that people are brought back into the position that they were in before the accident occurred. We want to make people are made whole again. or for more information you can go to Thanks Chris. Happy Halloween!

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