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The Advocates focus on giving back to the community around holidays

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The Advocates try to foster a family-oriented and family-focused practice. Around the holidays the gift of giving back to the community is the right thing to do.

Efforts to give back include their partnership with local food drives, local medical providers and other businesses to collect as much food as possible to donate during the holidays.

Recently the firm’s office took time off work to serve food at local assisted living centers.

Every year a Secret Santa is held for families selected by the firm to donate money to or to go shopping for.

While taking care of legal matters the practice also tries to take into account how families are hurting and what they are struggling with: missing work, losing wages, or losing their car. During the holidays helping out the community just goes naturally with a family focus.

Call The Advocates at 801-355-5550 or visit for more information.

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