Summer vacation calls for the best tech for the road

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Before you hit the road for your summer vacation this summer, make sure you’ve got the right tech and the right plan for your travel needs. Tech expert Meagan Dorsch from Verizon was here to show us some hot summer tech and some new unlimited plans that mix and match to make sure each member of a family gets what they need.

For Moms

Google Pixelbook

  • For the mom, who’s always on the go in the family whether it’s traveling coast to coast or taking conference calls remotely, these devices will work wonders for her.
  • The Google Pixelbook, which is mom’s ultimate travel companion. The device boots in less than 10 seconds and has 10 hours of battery life. It saves mom time and effort for drafting company proposals or answering emails.
  • It can also be uses in four ways including laptop mode, tent mode, entertainment mode and tablet mode.

Jabra Elite 65t Wireless Earbuds

  • The Jabra Elite 65t Wireless Earbuds will allow mom to take crystal clear conference calls when she’s on the train or in the airport awaiting her next travel destination.
  • The case also doubles as a charger so she won’t have to worry about finding an outlet.
  • She can also program the device to remove or let in background noise.

Fossil Q Accomplice Hybrid Watch

  • The Fossil Q Accomplice Hybrid Watch lets mom receive calls, texts and app notifications through gentle vibrations.
  • It’ll also allow her to take pics, control her phone’s music and track all of those airport steps she’s taking.
  •  On top of that, its slim, sleek, modern design fits with any outfit.

For Dads

Google Clips

  • The Google Clips is great for capturing those family moments, even when you’re not in the room.
  • This is a camera that captures short motion photos of your family, friends, pets…you name it.
  • You can hold it, clip it or set it down to get memorable, audio–free clips.
  • And, you never need an Internet connection because Google Clips sends everything it captures right to your phone, letting you select and save the best moments.

Tile Sport

  • Which suitcase did I put my passport in? Have you seen my keys? Where is my phone? With the Tile Sport and Tile Style’s 200 foot Bluetooth range Dad can easily locate his most valuable items that may get lost in the travel shuffle.

For Teens

Samsung S9 Plus

  • Teens love Snapchatting with friends, watching dozens of YouTube videos streamed in a row, or listening to streaming audio. This is the perfect tech and plan to help them achieve all of this and more.
  • The Samsung S9 Plus has an Infinity Screen which makes for stellar stream viewing that fits comfortably in their hands.
  • We also know emojis are a big way that teens communicate and the S9 Plus allows teens to create their own personable emoji to express how they’re feeling to friends.

Google Home Mini

  • The Google Home Mini can help can serve as a personal assistant for teens. All that’s required is to start their question or command with the phrase, “Hey, Google.” Whether it’s playing music or trying to learn more about the world – the Google Home Mini can help teens do both.

There’s tech perfect for each member of the family, and Verizon is changing the game by getting rid of the one-size-fits-all family plan.
Plans for each member of the family

Given mom’s busy schedule

She demands the most out of her devices and service. This makes her the perfect recipient for our Above Unlimited Plan. ($60 per line for 4 lines)

  • Generous 20 GB hotspot so mom can get things done on the go.
  • And she gets five travel pass days a month – which lets mom use her plan overseas without penalty.

For dad

The Beyond Unlimited Plan ($50 p/line for 4 lines):
A mid-tier unlimited plan that’s perfect for customers who enjoy streaming music, HD video and more.

For teens

The Go Unlimited Plan ($40 p/line for 4 lines):

The most basic plan for customers who want, talk, text and data on the best network, without worrying about overages.

And because no family member is alike, you can mix and match anyway you like. 

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