ShareNode introduces FilmCoin at the Sundance film festival

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ShareNode is a marketing company that helps small and medium businesses create blockchain-based tokens as rewards programs to increase sales.  ShareNode helped Henning Morales found and create FilmCoin, the video platform and his new film Rebelistic being presented at Sundance tomorrow.

FilmCoin is giving away FilmCoins to people so they can share them with others to generate interest in the project.  FilmCoins can be used to rent or purchase movies online.  FilmCoin is designed to promote other transformational and inspirational films.

Set in the 1980s, Rebelistic follows the intersecting stories of a group of friends as they navigate the world of street sales, crime, friendship and love. Rebelistic is The Sopranos meets The Breakfast Club.

Right now FilmCoin is presenting a demo of the software at Sundance.  They will be at the Fly Lounge Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  FilmCoin is being distributed through the Vapr app which is available right now on the Google Play store.  Vapr is a free, augmented reality and location-based app that users can use to discover incentive tokens in their area.  Businesses that partner with ShareNode to create incentive tokens can use the VAPR app to distribute them to potential customers.  The iOS version is also in development and will be released soon.  

Go to to learn more about creating incentive token programs like FilmCoin. And visit to see an interactive presentation about the FilmCoin. 

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