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Technology plays a critical role in sustaining businesses to allow employees to work remotely. Today, we had Randy Burgoyne, founder of FarGeek – a technology company that helps remote based businesses, to give some tips to owners and operators.

Fargeek lives what it preaches. The company is also run by remote workers and IT professionals. Most computer problems can be fixed from afar. It doesn’t require that you bring a computer in or that support to come to you. Among the things that can be fixed remotely, are updates, anti-virus installation, malware checks, checking and improving security, testing routers and firewalls.

A common mistake that businesses make is using remote access tools that are NOT secure. Fargeek can help secure remote access and better protect systems. When a job requires to depend on your computer at home, here are some tips to secure it:

  1. Backup; keep THREE copies of your data: The original, a local backup and an off-site or cloud backup.
  2. Use secure Passwords; length is more important than complexity. For example, use three unrelated words, a number and special character like “BluePizzaTruck-91”
  3. Learn how to avoid malware and ransomware. Recognize messages that are phishing for personal information. 

For help and answers on establishing a remote workforce, visit, or call 801-292-3382.

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